The European Leader in Action Learning

The Action Learning Institute is dedicated to the growth and advancement of Action Learning in business and all community sectors.

We continues to expand provision of Action Learning programmes beyond the boundaries of theNetherlands, creating a global Action Learning community of action learning coaches, all following the same steps to success.

We are WIAL-affiliate in the Netherlands and WIAL Germany (Deutschland)

Turning individual action into collective power

For more than 10 years we have leveraged the power of action learning to transform individuals, teams, entire organizations and societies to achieve what matters most to them — with results that are powerful, measurable, and enduring. We believe in ‘turning individual action into collective power’. The results are transformative!

The purpose of the Action Learning Institute is to unleash capacity and capability for success by generating powerful solutions to complex problems and development leadership through Action Learning, by:

  • Learning thru Action with individuals, teams, organizations and communities
  • Providing consulting, coaching, assessments and training services
  • Engaging a new generation of leaders
  • Deploying an Action Learning Research Institute: action research, case studies and best practices
  • Train, develop and support of Professional Action Learning Coaches
  • Use of Assessments: personality tests, team assessments and evaluation Action Learning Programs

Certified Action Learning Coaches (CALC)

Becoming a Certified Action Learning coach enhances professional skills, increases organizational value and can lead to career advancement.

This intensive program gives participants the skills and the experience they need to excel as Action Learning coaches in a variety of challenging situations. Participants will be required to attend two, two-day workshops: CALC 1 and CALC 2, and conduct several Action Learning sessions independently from the class experiences. The CALC program uses the same basic approach used in the Foundations of Action Learning program, interspersing concepts and practice. In addition, workshops use outside presenters from organizations needing real solutions.

Every participant is required to take on the challenge of being an Action Learning coach for at least one session. A dedicated Senior or Master Action Learning coach works with every Action Learning team formed during CALC 1 and CALC 2 workshops. This provides for an intensive and exceptionally rich feedback process for trainees when they take on the coaching role.

CALC workshops & certification


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