WIAL Global Congres 2018

Fast Tracking your Leaders through Action Learning.
The tool to transforming your organization

26-27 september 2018 in Amersfoort the Netherlands

Enterprises, no matter if they are multinational, state-owned, non-profit or private; are facing unprecedented and complex challenges. Organizations realize that their business needs to transform on an individual, team, and organization basis.

Action Learning is being seriously considered as an development tool for leaders (executive and frontline) to facilitate these transformations.

There’s something for everyone, so whether you’re new to Action Learning and wonder what/how it could enhance your organization and leadership…or if you’ve been using it a long time and you want to learn more…you’ll find this unique Action Learning experience beneficial.

World-wide network(ing)

Participants, authors and keynote speakers from USA, the Netherlands, China, Thailand, UK, the Caribbean, Brazil, Russia, UAE, France, Qatar, New Zealand, Poland, Taiwan and other countries.



Ben jij een action learner?